Our Plans

Only Brookfield is committed to working with Metro to enhance the rider experience by improving the bus bay area as well as the entrances and exits to the Bethesda station. Our plan is to improve the transit rider experience by transforming the space into an area that is easy to navigate, attractive and also pedestrian and bicycle-friendly. Only Brookfield will update the plaza with a new, trophy-class building at the edge of the property near Wisconsin Avenue and Old Georgetown Road that also incorporates environmentally-friendly sustainability practices.

Only Brookfield will redesign the existing plaza to improve visibility with promenades that connect to Bethesda Central Park. Visitors will navigate Bethesda Central Park by walking through attractive, landscaped promenades similar to the pedestrian areas at Bethesda Row. These walkable promenades will provide opportunities to enjoy small shops, cafes and more.

Only Brookfield can create a Bethesda Central Park. The park will be comparable to Rockville Town Square. It will serve as both a quiet respite for a lunch break and as a community-friendly destination for entertainment and recreation. Only Brookfield’s Bethesda Central Park will be a safe distance from passing cars along the busy Wisconsin Avenue and Old Georgetown Road intersection so park-goers can enjoy music and outdoor movies without distraction. Only Brookfield has the ability to bring world-class arts and entertainment to Bethesda Metro Center. We will work with local arts groups and fully fund programming at Bethesda Central Park through our award-winning Arts Brookfield.