Frequently Asked Questions

Why is only Brookfield able to re-energize Bethesda Metro Center?

Brookfield owns the real estate interest in the plaza. No other developer holds those rights. That means that only Brookfield has the power to build a park or make other changes to the plaza. We are a committed owner and operator who remains involved in our properties. And we are experts at enhancing public spaces through design and programming.

Are Brookfield’s plans compatible with the Bethesda Sector Plan?

Yes. Brookfield has been working closely with the Montgomery County Planning Commission to ensure our plans match the Sector Plan and are compatible with the surrounding neighbors. Our plans also fulfill the County’s vision for smart growth.

I heard Brookfield plans to build a skyscraper on the site, is this true?

No. We plan for a building that is compatible with the surrounding community, and that fits within the guidelines of the Sector Plan. Our building will use trophy-class sustainable building practices. For reference, Clark’s building on the plaza is 200-feet tall.

How large is the Bethesda Central Park?

Bethesda Central Park will be roughly the size of Rockville Town Square.

Who will pay for all of these improvements to Bethesda Metro Center?

Only Brookfield is committed to fully-funding all improvements in our plan for Bethesda Metro Center. Likewise, all of our Arts Brookfield programming is always free. We are experts at creating vibrant communities and exciting public spaces throughout the United States and around the globe.